Global Projects

Along side Challenge TB's country projects we are also undertaking five global projects. These projects are mainly focussed on research and are multi country/multi year in nature.

    Five Challenge TB Global projects

    1. Prevention of Transmission

    2. Prevention of Progression from Infection to Disease

    3. Active Case Finding/Contact Investigation

    4. Measurement

    5. Global Fund Hub


Quantifying effect of interventions on TB transmission.

1. Assess impact of USAID supported interventions on transmission in:

  • a) Healthcare facilities and other congregate settings
  • b) High-risk populations
  • c) Communities at large
  • 2. To map and understand transmission patterns (both for TB and MDR-TB)

    3. Provide recommendations for future USAID investments


    Trial comparing periodic 3HP with continuous Isoniazid Preventive Theray (IPT) in HIV-infected and TB-infected individuals.

    To evaluate the efficacy of periodic high dose Rifapentine and Isoniazid (3HP) for three months compared to continuous Isoniazid Preventive Therapy in HIV-infected and TB-infected adults.

    Contact Investigation

    Targeted screening for active TB through contact investigation in order to reduce the incidence of TB in specified populations. This will be done using earlier and more complete case detection, coupled with appropriate treatment, thereby reducing the transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


    Challenge TB is looking to develop a set of practical tools/approaches that will be useful for country programs to:

    1. Measure point estimate of catastrophic costs

    2. Measure stigma among TB patients

    3. Measure access to and quality of TB services.

    The results of applying standardized tools is to inform policy and planning at the country level, and allow for comparisons between countries.

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