Sara Massaut

Global Fund Officer

Sara has over 17 years’ experience in International Public Health with 12 years specifically in TB. She began her career working on Sexual and Reproductive and HIV/AIDS focusing specifically on young people. After receiving her Master's Degree, Ms. Massaut worked at the Rutgers Nisso Group an Expert Centre on Sexuality in the Netherlands until July 2004 for the international project Youth Incentives.

In 2004, Sara joined the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation to take the position of Senior Project Officer in the project management unit of the TBCTA, and subsequently TB CAP and TB CARE I. In 2012 she served as TB CARE I Kenya Country Director for one year. Sara also participates in several technical activities, such as coordinating the development of QUOTE TB Light and the Patient-Centered Approach Package. Upon returning to KNCV in the Hague, she also coordinated a pilot in two TB CARE I countries, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, to strengthen the use of GeneXpert to increase TB case detection amount PLHIVs. Sara is now the Global Fund Officer and is responsible for coordinating the GF Hub of Challenge TB. She has a B.A. in Sociology from George Mason University, an MSc from the University of Amsterdam.